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Addiction Calls Sound Files
Goose Calls
Canada Goose Call

The Junkie is designed as a short, fast, loud, higher pitched Canada goose call.  This call can be easily manipulated to your style due to the back pressure of this call is controlled by you!  The Junkie has the full range of goose, with an awesome crack and ease of use it will get the attention of any honker and is a great choice for the stage where it has already achieved many wins in the contest world. Available in, black,  blue pearl, green pearl, and white ice.

Specklebelly Goose Call

The Symptom was designed with two things in mind. That full sound of a great speck call and ease of use so that anyone can perform well with it.  This call is pure realism that anyone can control.
Duck Calls

Timber Duck Call

Tons of rasp, lots of hold, very easy to run, and all duck!  The Intervention is designed to run at maximum performance at a lower volume for those small honey holes where low volume is necessary.  This call can be ran to it's full potential without blowing out the ducks.  The Intervention can be tuned as a double reed call as well. Available in, black,  blue pearl, green pearl, and white ice.

Mid Range Duck Call

The Rehab is designed for all around performance, it has the full range needed to succeed in the field as well as on the biggest stage.  The Rehab has many competition wins under it's belt and packs that old mallard hen that no green-head can resist!  This call has great volume for those open feeding fields to get em in close.  The Rehab can be tuned as a double reed call as well. Available in, black,  blue pearl, green pearl, and white ice.

Main-Street Duck Call

The Overdose is designed with maximum volume, full sounding duck on top and bottom, and a fast smooth chatter.  Made for the main-street stage the Overdose is LOUD, NASTY, AND IN YOUR FACE.  This call also preforms very well on those big open water set-ups or those extreme wind days. Available in black, and white ice.

Duck Call

The M-Series was designed to bring a great call to the market at a great price!  The M-Series duck call is an injection molded poly carbonate call that is big on sound and durability, but easy on the wallet!

Turkey Calls

Turkey Call

The Fix - The fix was designed to get that full realistic sound that drives the birds crazy.  This call is super easy to use, has great roll-over, perfect yelps, and purrs that the old boss won't resist.  Each call comes with a matching custom one piece striker.